Sunday, April 24, 2005

Common Characteristics of Discovery Mechanisms

Common Characteristics:

  • Discovery Service (SLP is good)
  • Service Subtyping
  • Service Appearance and Disappearance: Highly dynamic updates in both service arrival and demise (except crash of service)
  • Service Browsing
  • Catalogs of Available services: UPnP is inherently P2P, hence doesn't require catalogs to be published, Jini publishes catalogs for clients, whereas SLP has both options.
  • Eventing
  • Garbage Collection: Leases are a popular garbage collection mechanism.



  • User Agents(UA) search for needed services on behalf of clients.
  • Language Neutral.
  • (OpenSLP)


  • Device and service descriptions are coded in XML.
  • UPnP does not support service directories - communication between devices and clients is always direct.
  • UPnP is aimed at smaller environments.
  • (UPnP SDK)


  • Blutooth devices maintains sets of service records, each of which describes an available service.
  • Is lightweight , because it is meant for Personal Area Networks

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