Monday, December 05, 2005

Live on Wireless

Amazing new world utilities coming up now a days, below are a few to seek out,

  • Handheld equipment hoping on reconfigurable frequencies defined by middleware stacks (Extremely useful in military applications)

  • Context aware applications ranging from vehicular computing to Sensor based Ad Hoc computational systems, that is your car system can automatically adapt its configurations (may be speed in automatic drive, transmission ratios of gear box, audio tracks of your sound system) according to the profile of the user driving the car

  • Server side components for handheld devices

  • Virtual Home Imaginations (HP is going great work in it)

  • Frameworks to support heterogeneous MAC layer environment, so that your handheld can now navigate seamlessly on Bluetooth, CDMA, GSM, 802.11 (a-g), even to 3G networks

  • Dynamic service composition and delegation, such that your handheld can request a service and according to the request attributes, hosted services can jointly combine and process the request.

  • and Disconnection operation to name a few (a scenario can be like, your doctor can asynchronously prescribe you diet of specific calories even when you are not in doctor's clinic and you can view that on your mobile or laptop while taking a morning walk in some lush green vally...
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