Monday, May 30, 2005

Merger Notes Revised

Efficiently route or request data among entites.
Topology of network is dynamic due to intermittent connections.
There always requires an flooding sort of algos for going to p2p side, but raises the scalability problems. Need to take things from application layer to network layer as the P2P and MANET ranges the same. Good sign is CORBA framework proposed in my previous paper also ranges the same hence all issues can be taken into consideration and solutions can be mergerd with the disconnection, swizzling, mobility (I and II) layers. Mobility layer is going to work extensively in the revised version.

Peers should communicate to each other periodically.
These protocols should be triggered more frequently for MANET.
I can convert MHR into a neighbour tablefor nearest keys for DHT, that would imporve robustness and they need to be updates periodically.

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