Sunday, May 29, 2005

Migration from Nomadic to MANET

Does IOR distribution mechanism relates to p-p discovery algos, Flooding ,CAN, CHORD or Pastry? Nope, cuz as they are content algos, thats why they can work with Pure P-P and P-P with discovery.

Entities MG, MH, and FC are workable in P-P environment? To start with, MH and FC are obviously different entities. But yeah, MHs and FCs can be combined to work in P-P envirnment.

Do I require Discovery algorithms? Yes.

Which discovery algorithm suits the framework well ?

What after discovery? As they discover, then framework can go for Content based algorithms (in case services are different), and then go for IOR distribution. In case if services are same then framework can directly distribute the IOR.

In process of servant migration, as the client IOR gets dirty, then in case of P-P or MANET how framework would manage the old IOR context?

There requires a need for Async communication or real time message propagation

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