Friday, May 12, 2006

Message Broker - It's just to FIRE

Need for a Information flow graph that works over epidemic message brokership on MH entities, which would result in dynamic group creation, subscription of receipients along the path on graph.

I just found good number of reads, namely,
  • In message broker space. Known to only two JMS and CNS, excited to discover CEA (Cambridge Event Architecture), HERMES, SIENA, JEDI, ELVIN

  • In tuple spaces, LINDA, LIME (2 very well known), IBM Tspaces, Java Spaces, L2imbo

  • In Pervasive spaces, CALAIS, Gaia, Nexus, Solar and One.World
I believe in Power of CORBA, do you? I will make you believe in this.

1 comment:

Sujeet Banerjee said...

J2ME will take power from CORBA....