Monday, March 20, 2006

Amazing/Amusing Stuff people do in Asynchrous Middlewares

Well, to avoid setup, search and registration confirmation latency while listening to a pub/sub in a new region. Virtual clients can queue up previous notifications and upon entities arrival they can dump the queued messages to newly arrived entity.

Good Points
  • In case pub/sub JMS is not centralized then you can automatically discover other peers in the region. This would work in a centralized case also. But mobile framework I have supports peer MH (Mobile Host) discovery, hence first good point is not so good.
  • A very good take can be in case queued notifications contains intermediate hop listings, then MH can update channel entires in routing tables with listed ones. It is a very good point I should say.

Bad Point
  • Security is a concern, if entities are required to get only authenticated notifications only then things w'nt work it out as what newly arrived entity would be receiving are notification targeted to other entities.

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