Sunday, March 26, 2006

Message Oriented Middleware Communication Modes

The factors I depicted out for communication between peers are:
{Synchronous, Asynchronous, Transient, Persistent, Ack time)
in turn acknowledge enumeration can be made from ACK ENUM {Immediate, before response, response based, any}

We can make different combination of them,

  • Persistent Asynchronous

  • Persistent Synchronous

  • Transient Asynchronous

  • Transient Synchronous

  • Recipient based Transient Synchronous

  • Delivery based Transient Synchronous

  • Response based Transient Synchronous

Persistent storage in pervasive environment can be defined as a storage on a mobile entity or set of mobile entities, such that demise of MH(s) should not result in loss of message.

Such that for any two entites, we need to define Sync/Async at A, Sync/Async at B, Persistence at A/Middleware/B, Message Acknowledgement ACK ENUM.

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